Be Entertained at Fiesta de Reyes Daily

Picture this: an ice cold margarita in one hand while listening to beautiful mariachi music and watching folklorico dancers twirl and spin right before your eyes under the warm sun. Where can you find this colorful entertainment you ask? Right here at Fiesta de Reyes!

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Los Rios Entertains the Crowd

Besides incredible food, service, and shopping opportunities, Fiesta de Reyes also has an outdoor stage that presents great free entertainment.  Los Rios Mariachi Fusion, Old Town’s favorite mariachi band, artfully blends traditional mariachi with classic rock and other popular music. When they’re not on stage you can often find them strolling around Casa de Reyes or Barra Barra hamming it up and giving guests an entertaining dining experience they’ll never forget.   Of course, Los Rios can’t play 24 hours a day, so Fiesta de Reyes presents other great free entertainment, including Luis Max and Blue Moon, a lively Latin/Flamenco/Jazz ensemble. If you’re lucky, you might even catch the occasional circus performer or theatrical presentation!

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Folklorico Dancers Light up the Stage

Fiesta de Reyes also presents folklorico dancers to entertain the crowd every Monday, Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday. Traditional Mexican baile folklórico (folkloric dance) is as much a part of the Fiesta de Reyes experience as traditional Mexican food. Our folklórico dance groups include professional and student dancers, which all are incredibly skilled and passionate performers, even the adorable wee ones. Each region of Mexico has its own unique style and costume, and our dancers perform many of these variations. If you’ve never seen the vibrantly colored skirts swirling through the air, then come to Fiesta de Reyes to experience it for free.

Check out our weekly entertainment schedule below. All entertainment is subject to change.

entertainment Be Entertained at Fiesta de Reyes Daily